Design of Experiments - additional topics (DOE-II)

Design of Experiments - additional topics (DOE-II)

Number of days:1
Fee: € 500
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Design of Experiments - additional applications
DOE-II deals with several extensions to the standard design approach that offer a solution to problems occurring in practice relatively frequently, in particular categorical variables (e.g. type of additive) and factors that are subject to combined constraints, for which standard (symmetrical) designs are inadequate and optimal designs need to be made.

This course builds further on what was treated in DOE-I. The optimal-design part focuses on generating and evaluating designs, and less on the statistical analysis of the results.
Theory will be illustrated with hands-on exercises.
Those who participate to DOE-II are assumed to have attended DOE-I.

With the knowledge acquired in DOE-II, participants will be able to set up a design and to analyse the experimental results for almost all practical problems.


  • Categorical variables: classical designs and their analysis
  • Evaluation of designs: how accurate will the resulting model be, which effects can I determine, condition number, information index, VIF, D/G efficiency, Fraction of Design Space (FDS)
  • Optimal designs: optimal configuration of experiments for constrained systems, for which symmetrical designs are inadequate

Each course day will be held from 9 am to about 5 pm. The course dates and fees are listed on the application form. The course fee includes handouts and lunches.
Application is possible until 20 days before the start of the course.