Applied Statistics - A primer

Applied Statistics - A primer

Number of days:2
Fee: € 900
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This compact version of the 3-day course ‘Statistics in Practice’ covers the essential concepts of statistics, from descriptive statistics over hypothesis testing, power and sample size calculations to ANOVA and regression.

While this course puts a strong emphasis on practical applicability, it is mainly intended to offer a solid background for other courses. If the focus is on applied statistics, we recommend the three-day course Statistics in Practice, which offers more time for hands-on exercises and some additional methods.

Each participant is offered free individual follow-up coaching. Follow-up coaching means that each participant can appeal to the trainer’s expertise, after having applied the methods treated in the course to his / her own cases. This coaching comprises an individual follow-up session of two hours with the trainer, as well as follow-up support by phone.  Read more.

Although primarily intended as a “foundation” on which other courses are built, this course will result in many eye-openers and at the same time enhance the quality of everyday’s decision making.

This course is primarily intended for anyone who wants to acquire a solid background in statistical thinking before taking on courses like DOE or SQC.
No prior knowledge is required.


  • Descriptive statistics
    • Graphical techniques: scatter plot, histogram, dotplot, boxplot, normal probability plot
    • Descriptive statistics: means, median, variance, IQR, ...
  • Good data collection practice
    • Representative sampling
    • Paired comparisons
  • Dealing with random variables (probability distributions)
    • Properties of distributions of continous random variables
    • The normal distribution and its derivatives ( the z, χ2, t and F-distribution). 
  • Confidence intervals for means, difference of means and variances 
  • Hypothesis testing
    • Hypothesis testing with confidence intervals
    • Classical hypothesis testing
    • Statistical significant versus practical relevant
    • Type I and Type II errors
    • Power and sample size calculations
  • One-way ANOVA (fixed effects)

Some cases &applications:

  • detecting and proving a change in a process
  • quantifying and judging the difference between two products or systems
  • calculating the number of data needed to detect a certain improvement
  • investigating the effect of different types of a constituent on the product properties
  • investigating the effect of a process parameter on a characteristic

Each course day will be held from 8.30 am to about 5.00 pm. The course dates and fees are listed on the attached application form. The course fee includes handouts, lunches, the individual follow-up coaching and one year free access to the Statistics-in-Practice guide through the Sherpa-app: a step-by-step guidance when setting up experiments or analyzing data.
Please apply at least 20 days before the start of the course.