Alles wat je kan wensen voor het verkennen van grote datasets en het ontwikkelen van multivariate regressie- en classificatiemodellen.


SOLO® has everything you could wish for to develop multivariate models, both for research and for on-line applications. It is a pleasure to work with: user-friendly enough to entice novice users, powerful enough to satisfy experts. On top, the pricing of SOLO® is beyond competition!


System requirements

MAC OSX (Intel), Linux, Windows XP, VISTA, Win7, Win8, or Win10. 250 MB of disk space and a recommended minimum of 500 MB of RAM (more may be necessary for some data) and a minimum of 16 bit color graphics are also required.


Give it a try yourself and download a free 30-day trial !


Industrial licenses

QuantitySingle-user license (1) Network license (2)
1-2€ 2.750€ 4.100
3-5€ 2.200 

Academic licenses (3)

QuantitySingle-user license (1) Network license (2)
1-2€ 900€ 1.370
3-5€ 780 

(1) Single computer / single user license
(2) Network licenses can be used by multiple users. Prices are listed per seat. The number of ‘seats’ corresponds to the number of simultaneous users.
(3) Academic is defined as a ‘degree granting institution’.  Research laboratories with no degree program are considered ‘industrial’.  Companies associated with universities do not qualify.

Solo licenses automatically include a one-year maintenance agreement which gives you a full year of upgrades and support.