Team & Partners

Kristine Ooms

TEAM – Co-founder, director, Trainer / Consultant
Education: PhD Quantum Chemistry, Master in Statistics, KU Leuven

Since 1992 involved in hundreds of industrial projects, of which many in the development of on-line multivariate calibration models. Trained hundreds of professionals, worldwide, in Chemometrics and Applied Statistics.

Expertise: Multivariate Data Analysis, Spectroscopic Calibration, Design of Experiments

Bas van den Bogaert

TEAM – Trainer / Consultant
Education: PhD Chemometrics, University of Amsterdam

Worked for a number of years in chemical industry, at the Belgian-based multinational Solvay, where he was involved in a wide range of Solvay’s processes; from nanoparticles (PCC) to bulk soda ash, from extrusion (PE100 high-pressure pipes), over blow-molding (gas-tanks) to calendering (PVC film), from batch (PVC) to continuous (chlorine, PE, PP) and measurements from piezometer data over testing (tensile) and spectroscopy (NIR, Raman) to analysis (ICP).
Left Solvay to join the CQ team.

Expertise: Design of Experiments, Signal Processing, Statistical Quality Control, Machine Learning, Expert systems

Tom Scripps

PARTNER – Tom Scripps of Scripps and Associates┬áis a Certified Quality Engineer for The American Society for Quality (ASQ) with over 30 years of experience in training and consulting in (a.o.) Six Sigma programs.

Expertise: DFSS, DOE, Process Capability, Test method evaluation / development