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Make the most from every experimentsm

Augments the latest release of Design-Expert® software with expanded capabilities for data analysts.

Make breakthrough improvements to your product and process with Stat-Ease 360. This “pro” version augments Design-Expert software with commanding features for advanced users. Capitalizing on the same streamlined workflow that makes Design-Expert best-in-class for design of experiments, technical professionals who are running computer experiments or want to implement Python scripting can now take advantage of all new functionality. Space-filling designs, Gaussian process models, Python scripting, and a new logistic classification node make Stat-Ease 360 a more powerful version of Design-Expert!

Stat-Ease 360 makes it incredibly easy to apply powerful multifactor testing tools. Give it a try to see what it can do for accelerating your research and making it a huge success. 

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New features introduced in SE360:

New features introduced in SE360, particularly the Python tools, expand the horizon of software offered by Stat-Ease tremendously. Advanced experimenters get all the powerful and intuitive features of Design-Expert, plus a lot more.

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Pricing in Euro, excl VAT, effective October 4, 2021


Single-user Annual Subscription Licenses
AS&M included with subscription licenses if the software is not expired. This license requires an annual renewal for the software to remain active.
Single-user with renewable AS&M
The license remains active indefinitely (AS&M allows for updates & upgrades)
The price includes the base price of the license, 1 free year of AS&M and 2 more years of AS&M. Must purchase the AS&M with the license.
Annual Network licenses

Annual Service & Maintenance (AS&M) includes upgrades, updates and technical support.
The number of seats for network licenses corresponds to the number of simultaneous users.

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