Distance Learning

Learn at your own pace

The advantage of Distance Learning is that you can learn at your own pace. With CQ’s Distance Learning offers you will not be left to your own devices thanks to our live support!

Distance Learning offer

  • 3 hours of live support, one-on-one
  • Handouts of the course
  • Problems and data files for the hands-on exercises
  • Detailed solutions of the exercises
  • 2 hours of follow-up coaching after the course

Live support (included)

  • Before you start, to briefly explain the structure of the course
  • Before you start, to indicate at which places in the course we recommend a brief on-line meeting e.g. after having finished the exercises of a certain chapter.
  • After having started, anytime you need support
  • 3 hours included, more hours can be bought if needed

Distance Learning available for:

  • Design of Experiment (DOE-I)
  • Statistics in Practice (SIP)
  • Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Spectroscopic Calibration
  • Statistical Quality Control


Distance Learning for each course is offered at 650 Euro, ex VAT. This price is inclusive 2 hours of follow-up coaching after the course, and 3 hours of live support during learning. Additional hours of live support can be bought.

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