Standard & Customized software

Software for Design of Experiments, Multivariate Data Analysis and Regression – Standard and Customized.

Standard Software

We are the official Belgium & Luxemburg reseller for the statistical software Design-Expert® from Stat-Ease and SOLO from Eigenvector Research, Inc. We also use these software packages in our public courses for the hands-on exercises.

Note that:

  • Training courses on-site can be taught with the software of your choice.
  • We provide support for all the major statistical software packages such as Minitab, JMP and Statgraphics.

Customized software

Sometimes there is a need for software that is focused on the specific context of a process or company. 

For example:

  • a simulator of product properties
  • an SPC application dedicated to the production
  • a report template containing the results of statistical calculations

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