We take a goal-oriented approach

Service to your needs

  • CQ advises, e.g. on the proper tool to use, or how to implement SPC in your company
  • CQ supports, e.g. by setting up a design of experiments and analyzing its result
  • CQ does the job for you, e.g. setting up multivariate calibration models

No surprises

  • Fixed-price quotations
  • No-cure-no-pay consulting

Master agreements

CQ offers ad-hoc support as well as master agreements that provide easy access to support for you and your colleagues, whether for questions that can be answered on the phone or for long-term projects.

Our well-appreciated approach

  • Discuss the problem with you
  • Analyse collected data in interaction with you
  • Report conclusions, with the level of detail of your choice
  • Advise on optimal future strategies